The e-enabled association

Associations do important work for which they're typically under-staffed and under-funded.

e-enablement is the use of IT to streamline operations, allowing staff to concentrate on the front-line activities they do best - i.e. working with members. This can be challenging to achieve as you need a strategy that yields the right functionality and high availability at an affordable cost.

IT solutions have been used in membership associations for many years. At first these were simple databases but they are becoming quite functional and sophisticated these days. As complexity increases so does the challenge of maintaining continuity whilst adding capabilities.

At Virtual Technologies we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We start with a assessment of an assocation's current systems and needs. Then we recommend a series of manageable projects to move forward. These may include replacing systems at the end of their life and integrating elements for a complete solution.

For example, we have worked with clients whose databases did not talk with their websites. In those cases we were able to work through the necessary changes with vendors to ensure a seamless result.

Contact us to discuss your issues and requirements.

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